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Chocolate Cupcakes With Vanilla Mellos

Chocolate Cupcakes With Vanilla Mellos - Funky Mello

Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla mellos

We ask this question a lot: How do you Mello?

Here at Funky Mello we have a sweet tooth for sweet ideas!

Marshmallows are so versatile that even we don't know all the potential they have.

That's where you come in!


Mello magic starts with YOU

You have amazing creative minds that put mellos where no mello has gone before!

So we ask, how do YOU, you imaginative unicorn, make Mello magic?

We received this fan-frickin-tastic photo from @veganranchblessing and it got us thinking how amazing chocolate cupcakes with Funky Mello vanilla mellos inside must be!

And while we don't have the recipe used here, we did think this vegan, gluten-free recipe by Chrystal from Gluten-Free Palate, sounds mind-blowing!


Make it, snap it, tag us

So take this as a sign that maybe what you should be doing right now is baking something scrumptious and stuffing it with some vanilla mellos.

Or if you have another masterful idea in that gorgeous brain of yours, TRY IT!

Snap a photo and tag us in your Funky Mello adventures on Instagram @funky_mello!


You may just see your creation featured in our next Mello blog post. ;)

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