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Marshmallow Drinks: Three Ways To Drink Your Mellos

Marshmallow Drinks: Three Ways To Drink Your Mellos - Funky Mello

Marshmallow Drinks

Imagine walking down the street after a long day.


It's a little cooler outside than expected, and although you're bundled up with your snazzy fall coat, hat, and gloves, you keep getting chills from your ears to your toes.


You get home, and just as you finish taking off your shoes, your loved one hands you a soothingly warm cup of hot cocoa filled with melting marshmallows.


Just what you needed. *Sigh* There's nothing like a warm beverage on a cold day.


Here are our favorite beverages that we love to drop Funky Mello Vegan Marshmallows into.


Hot Cocoa

Check out this 5-minute vegan hot chocolate recipe by Minimalist Baker.


Made with simple ingredients you always have on hand, this hot cocoa is creamy, luxurious and surprisingly healthy.


Creamy Latte

You don't need dairy to make a latte, and Detoxinista does a beautiful job at demonstrating this in her instant vegan latte recipe.


It’s made with just 3 ingredients, including coffee that you can brew at home, and it’s ready in less than 5 minutes with the help of your blender.


Refreshing Milkshakes

Ok, we know this isn't a hot beverage but who can turn down a delicious milkshake?!


We enjoy shakes all year round, and this 4-ingredient vanilla shake recipe on Simple Vegan Blog has us drooling.


Bottoms Up

Is anyone else getting thirsty? Time to grab a drink!


How do you like to drink your mellos? Let us know in the comments below.

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Everything looks delicious!

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