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S'more - How To Make It Perfect Every Time

How To Make The Perfect S'more Every Time - Funky Mello

S'mores aren't rocket science, but there's more to s'mores than meets the eye.

Here are the most important things to remember when creating and eating the perfect s'more.


S'more for your mood

"Am I feeling like a couch potato or do I dare be a tad adventurous?"

If you are that of a tater, a microwaved s'more may be more your speed.

Or if you're one to woosah in the wild, then turn that flame into a fire.


Grab your must haves

You don't have to stick to mellos, chocolate, and crackers.

At Funky Mello, we encourage creativity!

Switch the chocolate for your favorite spread (nut butter, caramel, you name it).

Or switch the crackers for your favorite cookie (chocolate chip, sugar cookie, go crazy).

And no one said you have to limit yourself to one mello per s'more.

The more, the merrier. :)


Operation melt your mellos

Funky Mello vegan marshmallows need no more than 10 secs in the microwave for that oh so ooey gooey texture.

Add 2 of your cookies of choice on a plate, with your favorite chocolate or spread on one and your mello on the other.

Same goes for roasting over the fire but it really depends on the person. ;)

Roast that mello on a stick, and when it reaches your optimal gooeyness, slap the chocolate and crackers on it and slide the s'more off the stick.


Make magic happen

Now, listen closely... this is the most important part. :-0

Stare deeply into your newly created s'more (for at least 5 secs and check that it's cooled down enough to eat), take a bite, and ENJOY!

And that, my friend, is how you make (and eat) the perfect s'more. <3


What are your favorite s'more ingredients, and how do you make it?

Let us know in the comments below!

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