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Stephy V | A Funky Female Inspiration

Stephy V

What a treasure we found on Instagram! This young lady gives us all the funky feels. If you've listened to the tunes on our website this month, you know what we mean. ;) 

It's been a pleasure getting to know her, and we're stoked to feature her so you can too! Check out more of her music on Soundcloud and give her a follow on Instagram.



How would you describe your music?

Funky, energetic, and playful!

What inspired you to start your music career?

I've always been a musical person. Whether it was guitar, voice/choir, or hanging out with my dad and uncles jamming out on their guitars (aka his high garage band that still gigs to this day), I've felt compelled to participate in music in some way or another in my life.

Djing has helped me bring my passions to life and I'm just scratching the surface! So much is possible nowadays thanks to technology and I'm so excited to dive deeper into all it! 

What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

To help inspire other women to break into the industry. There's not enough female representation and it's about time we change that! 

Also, to help connect and bring people together. There's something magical about music and the dancefloor that unites people in ways other mediums cannot, and to provide the soundtrack for these types of experiences is beyond thrilling and fulfilling to me. 

Describe a mentor or role model in your life, and how they affected you.

My dear friend and DJ mentor, Leyl Master Black, has changed my life in the best of ways! She has encouraged me to pursue my passion for music, and is the reason why I finally started djing.

Without her I can't say I would have known how to get started, and her support and encouragement has really been a game changer. It can really be intimidating. I hope one day I can help do the same for others! 

Describe a time you got out of your comfort zone, and its positive impact.

I'd probably have to say the first time I Dj'ed for an audience - it was so exciting, but also so nerve-wracking! It was such a fun time having the support of my friends, watching everyone smile, dance around, and have fun together.

The experience filled my heart with so much joy and excitement! I knew I was hooked from that moment. 

What's a motto, mantra, or quote that means a lot to you, and why?

"Do. Or do not. There is no try." - Master Yoda.

Not only because Yoda is all-knowing, but because this quote encourages me to keep going in times when I've felt discouraged. There's power in giving something your all!

What do you like to do during your free time?

I'm a pretty active person. When I'm not working on music, working, hanging with friends (or my cat), you can usually find me out on a run, or getting outside. Or, you'll find me scoping out the latest vegan eats in my city!  

Describe one of your hidden talents, and how you discovered it!

I've been told I can sing and am a good emcee - I can say I do enjoy getting up on the mic. :) 

What's your favorite way to eat marshmallow creme?

With vegan hot cocoa or ice cream! 

How can people support you and your music?

Check out my Soundcloud (@stephyvee), Linktree (@stephyv), and Instagram (@stephyyv) - I'm always up to something. :)


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