Mello Recipes

  • Cookie Platter

    Cookie Platter

    Bring this platter to your next get together for an awesome treat to share with family and friends! 🍪🤤
  • Vegan Orange Dream Cocktails

    Vegan Orange Dream Cocktails

    Orange you glad summer aint over yet? 🧡☀️ There's still time to order our limited-edition flavor of the summer - Orange Dream 🍊🍦 This vegan Orange Dream cocktail featuring another Austin favorite - Tito's Handmade Vodka - is the perfect way to sip on those last days of summer. Order online today before it's gone!
  • Granola Butter Cups

    Granola Butter Cups

    Elevate Your Snack Game with these delicious Granola Butter Cups made by @micheles_granola - Nutty, Gooey, and Perfectly Decadent.
  • S'mores Bar Recipe

    S'mores Bar Recipe

    Check out @ratedvfood's S'mores Bar Recipe for the best new way to eat a classic summer treat!🍫
  • Funky Mello Egg Rolls

    Funky Mello Egg Rolls

    A fun twist on egg rolls, these air-fried treats swirl together Nutella and marshmallow creme for a sweetly satisfying bite.
  • Rice Cake Krispies

    Rice Cake Krispies

    Deliciously Crispy and Kind to All Tummies! Gluten-Free Vegan Rice Cake Krispies – A Guilt-Free Treat for Everyone!