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Our Story

2-Person Dream Team

We are Zach and Delisa, the magical husband and wife team behind Funky Mello.

We started our journey selling artisan crispy treats at Houston farmer's markets.

Then we set our sights on handmade marshmallows, which are surprisingly trickier than you may think!

Now we are creating deliciously clean marshmallow cremes and we couldn't be happier. :)


A New Kind of Marshmallow

S'more with vanilla mello creme

As kids we were obsessed with marshmallows, but as adults our bodies couldn't handle the unfriendly ingredients.

Determined to keep the beloved marshmallow in our lives, we spent tireless hours in the kitchen crafting a new kind of marshmallow.

Today, we are thrilled to bring happiness back to marshmallows!

Especially for those that, like us, could no longer eat marshmallows and those that didn't like the taste of traditional marshmallows.


Feel Good Food

Funky Mello Cremes

We believe food should be universally good for you; quality shouldn't be sacrificed for taste, nor taste for quality.

We are transparent about our ingredients, which are simple, clean, and sustainably-sourced.

So none of the icky stuff; NO artificial flavors or colors, NO GMOs, and NO allergens!

Our marshmallows are truly meant to bring people together, regardless of diet, age, or lifestyle.

Because life is all about making real human connections and happy memories for generations.


Thanks for reading, and please don't hesitate to reach out to us at because we LOVE hearing from you!

Your funky friends,

Delisa & Zach (or D & Z for short!)

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