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Delisa | Funky Mello

We're Delisa and Zach, the dynamic duo behind Funky Mello. Our journey began under the electric vibes of a music festival where our love for good beats turned into a shared passion for good eats.

As unapologetic foodies navigating the world of allergies, we stumbled upon the idea of Funky Mello – a delicious rebellion against bland snacks. Inspired by the rhythm of life and our own culinary struggles, we crafted a line of whipped dessert dips that break all the rules.

Why chickpeas, you ask? Because we believe in a revolution, and chickpeas are the unsung heroes of allergen-friendly indulgence. Our dips are whipped to perfection with chickpea magic, bringing you a creamy delight without a hint of artificial nonsense. 

Join us on this wild, flavorful ride. Funky Mello isn't just a dip – it's a vibe!

If you have questions, a fun recipe, or a feel-good story, please write us at hello@funkymello.com. We LOVE to hear from you!

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