By Claudia Ahawo

Rice Cake Krispies

Rice Cake Krispies

Deliciously Crispy and Kind to All Tummies! Check out @effortless_eats Gluten-Free Vegan Rice Cake Krispies – A Guilt-Free Treat for Everyone!


* 5 brown or regular rice cakes
* 1 container @funky_mello cookies n’ cream marshmallow fluff
* 4 tbsp vegan & gluten free butter


  1. Over a large bowl, crumble rice cakes into pieces
  2. On the stove add butter to pan
  3. Turn on a low heat and let butter begin to melt
  4. Add marshmallow fluff and mix into butter
  5. Once fully combined, add the marshmallow butter mixture to the bowl with the rice cakes
  6. Mix together until all rice cakes are fully covered
  7. Line an 8x8 in baking pan with parchment paper
  8. Add rice cake krispy mix to 8x8 in pan
  9. Spread evenly through pan and smooth
  10. Let harden at room temperature for ~90 minutes
  11. Remove parchment paper and cut into squares
  12. Store at room temperature and enjoy!


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